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Women Hairstyle Speaks About Her Personality

3 May

wavy hair styleYou can modify outfit and accessories all time but can’t do about hairstyle every day and it is the true fact. Your hairstyle may tell lot more and much reflected your real image or personality. If you want to look modest in salwar kameez but your hair which is cut may shows people you’re crazy look one side. Thus let us have a great look of hair rising secrets are as follows.long_hairstyles_pictures

Wavy hair- wavy hairs are generally very difficult to maintain but it manageable by applying regular shampooing and hair conditioner. The women who have long wavy hair are very attractive and feminine. These women don’t mind to going one step ahead to look beauty. They might to outfit properly. This kind of hair style looks well on those women who are broad forehead and slim face.

Straight Long Hair- a straight long hair brings out you is younger and trouble free style. Those girls are called as low maintenance from men. Generally those women are feeling relaxed in the house and at five star dining restaurant as well. They have well satisfied with golden outlook. Long straight locks, once combination along with a beautiful outfit, will make you sexy and attractive. This type of hair style is not suitBob hair style for small face women because lengthy hair will make face look very small. Straight long hair style is ideal for thin and long face.

Bob cut- bob hairstyle shows the personality as no rubbish lady and focused women, who give well beauty and energy with her hairstyle and personal style as well. It is very simple hairstyle and no need more styling. It will be a little challenging to handle off and this hairstyle is best suit for rounded face lady.

Ultra short Bob- never mix up an ultra short bob and plain bob cut. These are two different hairstyles for women as chalk and cheese. An ultra short bob shows the confident of women who has strong sex appeal. She has made her personal design and never goes through any guidelines and rules. Women with well bone structure have easily suit ultra short bob hairstyle.ultra short bob


Appropriate Guidelines for Women Stay Healthy

25 Apr

Healthy-diet-for-womenA well healthy and balance foods can gives a lot more benefits to reducing PMS that assist to fight with stress, enhance libido level, in pregnancy getting easy. Age does not a matter, what you practicing for healthy and balance lifestyle does matter a lot that assist you to feel and look energetic and fresh thus you can easily put yourself with satisfaction and took responsibilities in the life.

A good nutrition begins with underlying elements that are as vegetables, fruits and protein. Those foods should take with lots of liveliness for women. The foods are the best component which is help to balance the weight in proper way which is great at any age category.

Keep attention on foods that are fundamental because of it helps to stay hale and hearty- always used proper amount of fruits as well as green leafy vegetables in your regular diet plan. Adding several whole grains, beans and legumes that can assist to get proper limit of fiber. You should try to avoid junk food or unhealthy food.Nutrition-in-Pregnancy

Add calcium improves bone development- in women have greater chances of the osteoporosis diseases than men. Thus it is required for woman to get plentiful amount of calcium intake that may facilitate to keep maintain bone and joints health. Dairy products are the great way to get calcium because of it is full with calcium will assist to decrease the bone damage and joint pain. Broccoli, sprouts, beans are also rich with calcium.

Avoid excessive protein because it affect on health- protein is most vital component of our healthy diet plan but in too much consumption of protein will harm to low carb and also trigger loss of calcium intake as a result decrease the density of bones and produce osteoporosis disease.

Balance consumption of iron- it is search that plenty of women fail to maintain proper amount of iron intake in daily routine because of they lose most required mineral at the time of their menstruation. So it is required to women get a balance amount of iron element for healthy live. There are plenty of sources to get iron such as red meat, almonds, spinach and lentils.

What is Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)?

11 Jan

women DysfunctionPlenty of women suffer from sexual dysfunction all over the world. Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is big sexual disorder as a result of women in their old age not able to develop desire for sex. This problem is mainly by the reason of sudden drop in testosterone level. Testosterone is normally for sex hormone among human body. It’s main job increase the testosterone level and responsible for sexual behavior. Maximum the testosterone level increases the chances of sexual desire.

Female sexual dysfunction is majorly followed by plenty of symptoms:

Lack of sexual need

Not able to accomplish an orgasm.

Dryness in vagina

During sexual activity get less pleasure.

Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction:-

Plenty of reasons are there to cause female sexual dysfunction. But the big issue for female sexual dysfunction is that the loss of libido. High libido is responsible for sexual urge or sexual need. It is typical event in women to suffering loss of sexual need after some time during intercourse. It is happened after quick drop in testosterone levels. Being testosterone level dropping radically after:

female sexual dysfunctionMenopause- it is the time in women’s life the end of menstrual cycle.

Hysterectomy- removes the uterus by surgical method.

Physical- few disorders may link to the female dysfunction such that pelvic surgery, neurological disorders like that little sclerosis, fatigue, headache and other pain issues. Some medicines are also responsible to decrease sex desire.

Hormonal- this condition is occur when the testosterone level drop. The decrease in testosterone levels happens after birth and when breast-feeding problem. Dryness in the vagina is also link to drop the sexual need.

Psychological and Social- female sexual dysfunction can happen when women feel in depression or untreated anxiety. Emotional feelings, conflicts and worries about something may also link to the sexual dysfunction.