What is Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)?

11 Jan

women DysfunctionPlenty of women suffer from sexual dysfunction all over the world. Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is big sexual disorder as a result of women in their old age not able to develop desire for sex. This problem is mainly by the reason of sudden drop in testosterone level. Testosterone is normally for sex hormone among human body. It’s main job increase the testosterone level and responsible for sexual behavior. Maximum the testosterone level increases the chances of sexual desire.

Female sexual dysfunction is majorly followed by plenty of symptoms:

Lack of sexual need

Not able to accomplish an orgasm.

Dryness in vagina

During sexual activity get less pleasure.

Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction:-

Plenty of reasons are there to cause female sexual dysfunction. But the big issue for female sexual dysfunction is that the loss of libido. High libido is responsible for sexual urge or sexual need. It is typical event in women to suffering loss of sexual need after some time during intercourse. It is happened after quick drop in testosterone levels. Being testosterone level dropping radically after:

female sexual dysfunctionMenopause- it is the time in women’s life the end of menstrual cycle.

Hysterectomy- removes the uterus by surgical method.

Physical- few disorders may link to the female dysfunction such that pelvic surgery, neurological disorders like that little sclerosis, fatigue, headache and other pain issues. Some medicines are also responsible to decrease sex desire.

Hormonal- this condition is occur when the testosterone level drop. The decrease in testosterone levels happens after birth and when breast-feeding problem. Dryness in the vagina is also link to drop the sexual need.

Psychological and Social- female sexual dysfunction can happen when women feel in depression or untreated anxiety. Emotional feelings, conflicts and worries about something may also link to the sexual dysfunction.


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