5 Causes for Hair Falls

18 Apr

female-hairlossThere are plenty of medical issues such as physical, mental or even stress, depression which are affecting on the cause of hair loss problem in both men and women. Especially stress and depression are the most factor causes hair fall in women.

There are so many common factor of hair loss problem but there are other reasons also countable that may have noticeable or not. These reasons are sharing with your by this articles.

Unhealthy Diet- Diet is playing the most vital role in our healthy lifestyle. People are suggested not to go with low protein food. Your hair gets nutrition by what you drink and eat. So it is very required to add good mineral and nutrients food in your diet. People who have the bad habit of eating unhealthy food surely the chances of hair fall. Deficiency of nutrients or vitamins or undernourishment may have affect on overall health as well as strength of the hair. This may switch hair by thick to thin and also get weak root of hair. If your body gets proper nourishment then your hair and skin always stay healthy and soft.

Genetics- genetics is generally regarded for hair fall. Thus check your family medical history, if father or mother has already face this problem then there is a more risk which may passing towards the children. If a pregnant woman finds her family medical history of hair loss then she must stop taking the birth control medicine. If any person in family has problem with less hair or bald there is more chances that you can also experience with bald too.male-hair-loss

Illness or Disease- in lots of women has conditions such as thyroid is lead to cause hair fall. Some symptoms in women are frequently red flags link to the bald. If you are suffering hair loss or abnormal symptoms then look for to consult with doctor to find out issues if you are experience with thyroid. Lupus illness has made huge effect on health along with excretory organ problems, heart disease. If lupus problem is not found easily then quickly visit with doctor for better treatment to prevent hair fall.

Hair products and Gel- all age people from teen to old age use the high quality hair products to look good or change in hair style every day. Hair dye will not affect hair to stop up of your head however frequent or slow use on it. It may affect breakage that can finally become shed away and dry. It is our duty to make sure by hair care expert to take a proper guidance which hair product is suitable for you. Excessive amount of any hair product may cause dangerous.

Lifestyle- sometimes hair fall problem happen because of the way to handle them by person. Working outside, traveling etc may damage your hair by pollution and dirt. It is very essential to prevent hair by ultraviolet rays, pollution, dust etc. women are urged to tie up hair softly because putting pull on hair mat make root of hair weak.

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