Generic Drugs Vs Branded One

31 Jan

Generic-vs-brand-drugsMost of the people have arises one question is that what is generic medicine? When they are purchase the medicine by online as well as physical drugstore. Plenty of people are not understood regarding the generic drug as it is very cheap in price as compare to brand as a result people still goes towards to purchase the branded medicine. Here we are discussing about generic drugs and difference between generic drug and branded medicine.

Generic drug is equivalent or replica of branded drug and contain that same ingredients. If you compare treatments in between generic and branded drug then you can find that it is almost similar however if you compare the cost then you will be seen difference between generic and branded drug as generic medicine is very cheap in price.

Basically whenever any company brings brand new drugs within the market at that point they need already spent substantial cash on analysis, promoting and promotion of that drug. As par the number that they need invested with company assign a worth for that drugs and every one the expenses can get over customers pocket. because the time passes patent of that drugs nears expiration and also the little drugs manufactures begin applying to the FDA for creating and commercialism the generic versions of constant drug once they get approval they begin commercialism generic drugs at low costs as compared to branded as a result of there’s no overhead of expenses of developing and promoting a brand new drug because the original company United Nations agency had that patent before.


2 Responses to “Generic Drugs Vs Branded One”

  1. Alfred Snape February 10, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

    “Nice Post. It’s really a very good article. I noticed all your important points. Thanks”

  2. Brad April 12, 2013 at 6:48 am #

    Can’t blame them really. They have to recoup the massive investment involved in creating new drugs.

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