Erectile Dysfunction: Treatments That Work

21 Jan

erectile_dysfunction_treatmentErectile dysfunction is the worst condition among men. The drugs that treat erectile dysfunction problem are the best medical achievement of the last few years. PDE5 inhibitor chemical is responsible to give continuous blood supply within the penis. These drugs are as follows:

Viagra contain Sildenafil Citrate chemical.

Levitra have component is Vardenafil.ed_Pills

Cialis the main active content is Tadalafil.

Consult with your doctor for any of above medicine you are consuming because of the some harmful side effects. For example, if you consume nitric drug for heart issues such as alpha-blockers or angina on the treatment of high blood pressure as a result of PDE5 inhibitor may cause on blood pressure level it suddenly reduces and this is not good for your health.

Here are some other erectile dysfunction treatments, which is also the effectively proven:

Certain medicine will be injected into the member to realize associate erection, though there square measure aspect effects, together with erections that last too long.

A drug known as alprostadil, contained in a very little pellet, is inserted within the urethra creates an erection at intervals minutes; it, too, has aspect effects, together with associate painful or burning sensation.

An air pump is offered that attracts blood into the penile area.

Surgery will be performed to implant a tool within the member to form associate erection; issues with implants embody mechanical breakdown and infection.



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